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     TQ MA2000 robot arm, designed for the Open University     What's BeebControl all about?

There are already plenty of excellent websites that cover the internal workings of Acorn computers in great depth. BeebControl, by contrast, is more concerned with what goes on outside the box than inside it.

BeebControl's pages concentrate on the experimental and control related hardware that was designed to interface externally with Acorn's 8-bit and later 32-bit computers, plus relevant software and documentation.

While some very useful sites exist that specialise in a particular item of equipment - for example the Armdroid robot arm - there's been no general Acorn experiment and control website until now.
Not a Beeb or RISC OS fan? You should still find plenty of interest.

It's true that most of the material on this site will primarily be useful to owners of 8-bit Acorns and later RISC OS machines (when fitted with suitable 'podules' or running programs via the parallel port, or USB on an Iyonix).

But because much of the equipment featured was designed to work across a range of micros, even owners of a PC, Mac, Commodore, Atari, Spectrum or Tandy (Radio Shack) may be able to glean useful information when adapting hardware items or control code to work on their particular platform.
BBC Buggy designed around fischertechnik components
    Clare experimenter's interface board      Found something interesting? Don't keep it to yourself

If anyone has documentation or software relating to any of the types of equipment covered on BeebControl, I'd be happy to obtain copies for possible feature on these pages (I can scan docs, copy software and return). Email me at: web dot master at riscy dot uk

Also if anyone has any redundant BBC or RISC OS related interfaces, buggies, robots or control equipment they'd like to find a good home for, I can suggest a suitable address ;-)

I've set up a Yahoo discussion group for people who'd like to post questions on BBC Micro and RISC OS control-related topics.

Click here to join beebcontrol  Click to join the BeebControl Yahoo discussion group

Finally, if you happen to have an interest in metalwork matters, try having a look round my workshop pages too.

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