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RisControl starts where BeebControl finishes - where 32-bit RISC OS takes over from 8-bit Acorn micros
I have an increasing amount of control technology and associated programs that really belong under a 32-bit RISC OS heading. Hence the introduction of this new RisControl section of the site.

The YouTube video on the left was shot at Bletchley Park during the 2010 Vintage Computing Festival, where BeebControl/RisControl were exhibiting a selection of robot arms and buggies. (Non-Flash browsers will find it here.)

It demonstrates the variety of 8-bit and 32-bit equipment needed to get everything programmed and moving (a Risc PC and an Iyonix are hiding behind the monitor).
My original intention was to create a separate, sister site called RisControl, but soon realised there'd be so much duplication and overlap that it wouldn't make sense. So in future, whenever a subject is principally concerned with RISC OS, it will reside in the RisControl section.

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