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A pair of ALCO Featherweight stationary engines

ALCO Featherweight (JAP Model 3) engine rebuild

A Harrison M300 on the move

Moving a Harrison M300 lathe

The compact, sturdy Astra L4 milling machine

Modifying an Astra vertical/horizontal mill

Builders' scaffold poles become a useful workshop aid

A cheap and simple workshop crane

Starting with a rusty heap......this M1 is now back to its former glory

Tom Senior M1 horizontal mill before and after rebuilding

A marriage of a TS mill and BP head A marriage of a TS mill and BP head A marriage of a TS mill and BP head

Modifying a Tom Senior Major and adding a Bridgeport head

A few useful machining links

BeebControl takes shape...
Not directly related to the above content, but anyone interested in BBC Micro 8-bit computer control and interfacing should find my BeebControl pages a good read as they're now being fleshed out. I'm still collecting information and material for these pages which will be primarily concerned with control via the BBC Micro and to some extent related RISC OS machines, but I hope even owners of PC/Mac based equipment may find some aspects useful. If you have any documentation or equipment related to this topic I'd be happy to give it a new home and perhaps feature it on the site.

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